Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Made of Win

After a ludicrous amount of time I've finally managed to get a game of Warmachine in. Last week's game was cancelled due to a double booking at the hall, I'm a bit sketchy on the details. Instead I played Martin in what amounted to a mirror match of pMagnus and Steelheads vs... pMagnus and Steelheads. The only difference between our army lists was that I had one less Halberdier and squeezed in the Piper of Ord. That tiny difference (and probably the fact I've played more games with this list than Martin) meant that I managed to win with an ingenious assassination run through the use of Furious Charge, March and my Steelhead Cavalry. The Andy is sated for now.

In painting and modelling, Boomhowler is nearly finished, I have to do his boots and his ammo and then I'm all done. Huzzah. Only 9 more guys in his unit to do... I have also repaired Ashlynn's elbow with the use of green stuff and I should be sticking her on a new base once Boomhowler is done.

Speaking of Ashlynn and pMagnus, they're both stupidly awesome in official Mark II - the official rules can be downloaded in pdf form for free(!). pVlad players may be disappointed with his changes, warranted though they may be. Screening is also gone.

Not only are the Mark II rules available, but the Iron Kingdoms RPG books are available for sale in PDF form! No longer will I be the only one with the resources to run the RPG, for others will be able to ladle out spoonfuls of RPG information on their very own with their not-quite-as-shiny-as-my-books PDFs. Rejoice oh ye players.

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