Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Gaming Blog: Hmm, High Def and They Keep Coming Back?

Tonight I played against Jim (again) - so far I'm playing Jim almost every week, it's a good learning curve. He was using Circle though, with Morvahna as his warlock. Having no anti-upkeep abilities in my army made it slightly intimidating since I'm familiar with her recycling powers on units. I'm also aware that the best way to break Morvahna is to screw with her upkeeps.

I lost this game (as usual) but I'm getting much better at using the rockets on my renegades - though rolling poorly doesn't help, it's not like it can be avoided. My critical error was having my halberdiers strung out over too much of a front, so they died horribly while my cavalry were on the wrong side of a wall and I foolishly didn't give the cavalry the Furious Charge order from Stannis Brocker to get over it and get stuck in. My own fault really.

I'm definitely getting more bang for my buck using the Mangler these days, though Jim really knocked it up badly - all of the first three columns were wiped out by the Wolves of Orboros charging it with their mini-feat, I had one box left and that was the last point of movement. Because of that last box of movement being all that was left of the first three damage columns I passed on an opportunity to kill Jim's warpwolf (which didn't do anything the entire game anyway, I kept knocking it over). While POW 9 attacks probably wouldn't hurt the Mangler just a single point of damage would have really shafted my attempted rampage towards Morvahna.

As it was my Steelheads died horribly (Stannis Brocker being the exception) over several turns so I made a mad rush towards Morvahna with Magnus and his battle group. I tried to surround Magnus with his battle group so that he would be safe for another turn, but three warjacks don't surround a warcaster completely. Once I'd done all this there was much poking and prodding from the Wolves of Orboros and Tharn Ravagers until Magnus finally bit the dust.

Quite an enjoyable game, but I could really see the errors I was making building up. At least I'm getting to the stage where I can actually see the errors I'm making. Go me.

Things I learnt:
BLUR! Oh dear god, cast Blur on the halberdiers in the first turn, even if the only thing that shoots in the opposing army is a mannequin! Blur keeps halberdiers alive!
Three warjacks cannot surround Magnus and protect him on all sides.
Morvahna doesn't use Fury except to upkeep spells and bring back troops. Go kill other troops that don't come back instead. Use Magnus' feat to redeploy your warjacks if need be.
Increasing the carbohydrate intake of my diet may help my attempt to gain weight.


  1. defo ignore the regrowth troops, just kill the ones that will die. Tho if u kill all the unit with regrowth in 1 turn they can't come back....not sure if u knew that?

    Next week, i'll take magnus and the mercs and u can use one of my khador/cryx maybe? Mercs always seem to be the underdog so it will be fun to c if i can pull off a win with them....?

  2. I knew about killing the entire regrowth unit but the rest of the wolves were miles away behind that forest on your right. Would have been smarter just to annihilate the tharn since all my Steelheads were on that side.

    Heh, I'll up for swapping armies next week. I'll go investigate the options and send you a text or something with what I'll be needing.