Monday, 18 August 2008

Of Kilts and Tartan

Went north to Aberdeen to get fitted for a kilt since a friend's wedding is coming up and I'm the back-up best man, in case the real best man falls of a cliff or something (it's being arranged as we speak). Strangely Daniel (henceforth referred to as Dannykins) has decided we're going top hats and tails now instead of kilts so it was a bit of a wasted trip - though I did get to see a bunch of my friends. Apparently they all play Warmachine and Hordes now (HUZZAH!).

Black Watch Tartan

I was looking forward to getting a kilt again having worn one at my Sixth Year Prom (that's the last year of secondary school in Scotland). The bloody sporran does tend to bang into the family jewels when you're ceilidh dancing unfortunately. You're supposed to move it along the cord/chain so it rests on your hip, but it never stays there.
Since we're going top hats and tails I have requested a purple velvet suit with suitable amounts of bling and possibly a cane. Dannykins has denied my request but I'm sure if I keep asking I will eventually wear down his willpower and he'll give in! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
He also wants me to run a one off role-play game, so I thought I'd either run the Longest Night from the Witchfire Trilogy or the first part of Black Sails, the adventure path I was writing before my hard drive died horribly.

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