Monday, 6 June 2016

UK Masters Journal - Part One: Disaster!

The trip down south did not start off well.  Being an idiot I managed to leave my miniatures case up in Glasgow and only found out when we unpacked Jim's pickup at the hotel in Birmingham.  There's a slight story around this, though it's 100% my own bloody fault.  Initially my lift was going to pick me up at 1:30pm, so at 1:30 I moved everything I was bringing down to the UK Games Expo outside my flat.  At 2:30 my lift hadn't arrived.  Phone calls and text messages were unanswered, I was initially concerned that Jim had died on us and I'd have to find alternative transport (i.e. drive down myself).  Eventually I get a message back saying "leaving now" just before 3pm.  It takes a minimum of 40 minutes between my house and Jim's, so his ETA was right in the middle of the school rush.

Being the incredibly smart person that I am, and it was stupendously hot outside, I decided that I would move everything back indoors and do something more productive with my time, so I played some Total War: Warhammer.  For the next part, it is important to know that I live in a one way street and that the entire staff of Scottish Hydroelectric use it to go home.  When Jim turned up and pulled up outside my flat, there was a *lot* of traffic looking irate behind him, so it was a case of throwing my stuff at him, chucking it into the flat bed of the truck and speeding off into distance.  This is how the miniatures case ended up being forgotten.

Luckily I have an awesome sister who lives not far from me and she has my spare keys, so she went to my flat on Friday morning, let me know I needed to clean it, and then posted my miniatures case by courier.  As of right now, it hasn't arrived but it should do shortly.  I have been manically spamming the refresh button on the package tracking website to follow my miniatures as they travel south.  It's currently sitting at the delivery office about 5 mins drive away, so the urge to simply go there and pick it up is overwhelming, but I know as soon as I do that, it will arrive at the hotel while I'm away.  That's just how the universe works.

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