Saturday, 18 June 2016

Peg Legs & Hook Hands

I appear to be in some form of minor hellhole this week.  We're working on a bathroom in a small coastal town outside Edinburgh, where the Internet is a thing of myth and legend.  I'm sure this would be pleasant if the weather was nice, but it isn't so once we're done working there's not a lot to do but freeze slowly.

During one of the sporadic bursts of active wifi reception, I saw that the starter pack for the Jung Pirates has been unveiled.  I'm really looking forward to getting my withered grasp on them, and hopefully the kohanin and korusea will be released at the same time as I would be much happier with the metal miniatures than the plastic ones I appropriated from Rise of the Kage.

Along with the Jung Pirates starter I saw the rankings for the Masters.  I'm one of the people tied for 3rd but ended up 5th due to strength of schedule.  I'm slightly mystified how the SoS was worked out, I've worked with it before and my results were different.  Bit of a head-scratcher that one, but I'm happy enough to have made to the final table this year, and in all honesty I think Johan was seriously unlucky not to simply win the whole thing this year with his Silvermoon warband.

Bushido as a whole appears to be undergoing rapid expansion in the UK, though I don't have the sales data to prove this, but the social media side of it has certainly exploded.  I expect the UK Masters next year to be packed, and in possible need to additional places.  If it does get packed, I think I'll participate as a Retainer rather than a player.  I did notice that my games lost a lot of time as people were constantly asking me rules queries, and a dedicated rules person would improve a larger tournament.

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