Friday, 13 May 2016

Flying Fish

I've come into the ownership of a new iPad and so I'm testing it to see how well it works for writing a blog post, please bear with me on any weird sentences and unusual grammar. I'm also hoping that I can record more pictures on the spot and be able to write such things as battle reports quicker as I don't have to wait until I'm at home on my PC any longer.

Some of us journeyed to Common Ground Games in Stirling last Sunday and had a couple of games of Bushido.  I sat out the first round of games, but tried out a pirate spam warband against John Sinclair's Tengu Decension.  It was a bit of a whitewash, mostly due to John's low model count (6) against my larger than normal warband (8).  I could simply out-activate him and pile onto the tengu and tribesmen to burn through their activations.  It's probably how Jim feels when he plays uses his chaff warbands.

Of the two themes available to the Jung Pirates, I definitely like the trickier one over the fighting one - no surprise to anyone at my choice, let's be honest. On the other hand, I do love the miniature for Minato, so I expect I'm going to break out of the themes quite often.  I would happily switch to the Jung Pirates for the UK Games Expo if they were available, though I suspect my ranking would take a tanking.

Jim's current incarnation of his Nightmares of Jigoku warband is pretty damn nightmarish.  There are tokens.  So very many tokens.  I'm pretty such I can exploit the single point of vulnerability if Jim plays it like he's been doing and I win the tactical roll on turn 2, or I get lucky and can walk off some Held tokens.  Failing that, it's one long, horrible slog.  So I'm willing to bet Jim's loving it.

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