Monday, 2 May 2016


Jung Pirates - Angry Shark Man
There's a preview of Angry Shark Man for the Jung Pirates on Tabletop Gaming News.

Given the impending release of the Jung Pirates - supposedly in August - it's no surprise that I've been playtesting the crap out of them.  So far I've found them to be incredibly fun and different from what I'm used to.  Ever since we saw the Jung Pirate models from Rise of the Kage, I've really been itching to get them - Minato really sold them to me.  With the Rise of the Kage profiles along with those for playtesting, there's a lot of variation in warband construction.  The theme special cards are quite unusual in that they only include exclusions rather than restrictions.

While testing out the Jung Pirates, I've been trying out the Kappa, a model I have long neglected.  I've always though it was an amazing 6 rice profile, it just didn't fit into my warbands.  It works *really* well with the Light Footed kaizoku, though you have to be careful not to screw yourself with those kaizoku who can't deal with the difficult terrain.  There are warbands who can ignore all this difficult terrain shenanigans of course (snake Ito and the Tengu Decension) but it's brutal for those who can't.  It's probably my best painted miniature too.

My experiments with the camera have ground to a halt, we tried it out over the weekend and came to realize we need a few things: a better camera, microphones, and a fixed camera position for the board.  So instead I'm getting back to making (slow) progress on the Jumo Ring wikia.  Right now it's simply adding all the existing profiles to the wiki, eventually I'll include basic tactics and some mechanic explanations.

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