Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Trap-filled Temples

So I had my first game with my Temple, and got to try out the finalised special cards.  I'm quite impressed with Temple over all, I'm on the fence on whether I prefer them or my Ito.  I do feel it's much easier to build a list with the Temple than it is with the Ito, and I really like having models that I can just infiltrate the enemy battle line with (fire and air kami).  Overall the special cards available to the Temple are pretty good, I saw the Pungi Pit Trap and realised I pretty much want two in every list.  Most of the other cards revolve around gaining extra Ki, or moving existing Ki around.

While Suchiro probably isn't the beatstick I was hoping to use in the Temple, he is still my favourite figure and profile to use.  So he's pretty much in every list simply because I like him.  I'm still not sure on Riku with Arashi's Fan, or Kenko.  Kenko provides a very solid profile with little else.  Also, he doesn't really care about being outnumbered, so I can anchor my battle line with him and Suchiro.  Riku on the other hand brings a wall of water that can cause your opponent no end of trouble if you use it right.  It's certainly something to consider when considering how to play scenario: can I secure the victory with a quick Tsunami or should I just be killing things?

I'm going get back into the habit of painting my models soon, and I hope to have all my major Temple of Ro-kan models painted up pretty fast.  So far I've only done Suchiro and a single Rice Farmer.  I'll try to get the rest of the starter box done asap, and then churn out as many of the smaller models as I can.  My fire and water Kami should be easy enough to get done, all I really have to do is wash them continuously.  I'm really looking forward to doing Riku and Hotaru though, both of them are really nice sculpts.

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