Saturday, 2 June 2012

Steaming Vegetables

I thought I'd give a mention to, a website run by Rich Loxam and a couple more of the lads down south - I'm sorry that I can't name more, I just don't know who else runs it.  Mat Hart has a number of very useful modeling articles (I'm a particular fan of the hats one) and they occasionally stream Vassal games.

Originally I wasn't such a fan of streaming Vassal, but it's surprisingly watchable with their commentary going.  Generally I view streaming footage is reserved for real-time events, especially things like e-sports where micro-seconds matter.  The idea of using it for a turn based game made me cringe a little inside when I first heard about it, but I would really recommend watching one of the Steamforged Vassal games, for the banter if nothing else.

More interesting information is coming out of Lock'n'Load.  Such information as Greylord outriders, a light cavalry unit, and the first battle engine warlock - 3Lylyth on a sleigh pulled by ulk.  Try hiding her out of LoS...  Lost Hemisphere has a more concise list of what was revealed here:

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