Thursday, 8 December 2011

Drunken Antics

Well, Barry read my blog post before our game but didn't see the one I posted on Tuesday so he clearly wasn't expecting Borka and the Wall of Tough.  He brought along Reznik and pretty much an all warjack army, which I promptly jammed up with my tough, insanely hard to hit, high armour, medium bases and thus won on scenario without much hassle.  I'm still disappointed in the performance of the list in general however, and the number of cards I had out.  There were a LOT of cards.

As Family Reunion goes, it's good at jamming people up, but really...  if you don't destroy everything in your initial charges, you are well and truly boned.  The list feels very vulnerable to something like bile thralls.

My unit of champions did its job, but it wasn't quite all that I wanted.  My main problem is that Borka typically only leeches 3 fury off his warbeasts at the start of his turn.  This makes running multiple damage buffing warbeasts quite difficult as you end up with a massive excess on the table and can't leech enough to get the best performance out of your battlegroup.  I get away with this on Doomshaper/Calandra because I can usually drain off 5 fury and whatever else that happens to be near a whelp.  So that heavy I needed to smash something?  Totally fine with a 7 fury warlock, totally boned with a 5 fury one.

What does this mean?  Am I going to end up with Calandra/Doomshaper/Doomshaper as my trio of lists?  DAMN RIGHT I AM!  Maybe...  Next up for testing is eGrissel I think, with her single Axer and the Sons of Bragg.

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