Monday, 28 November 2011

The Axe Speaks, Just Once

I attended Alan Kennedy's Bitter Conflict tournament on Saturday, which was a nice change for me as I was there as a player, not a Press Ganger.  The tournament used a Divide & Conquer format (multiple lists each list must be used at least once) - in this case, two lists, each had to be used twice.  Seeing as I'm missing all the lovely Steelheads I'd need for Damiano, I opted to bring my Trollbloods instead.  Unfortunately I can't bring along a War Wagon (booooo!) but I fell back on my old favorite in both his forms anyway: Doomshaper.

Fairly recently I came to the conclusion that infantry is a waste of time, unless you're playing against other infantry.  All that happens is the infantry dies.  So I ditched all my infantry that wasn't the Krielstone Bearer & Friends and brought along extra warbeasts.  I'm not sure how I'm managed to muddle through for so long without using two Axers in all my lists.  In every game I've run dual Axers (and not been killed instantly) they've been rockstars, without exception.

My games in the tournament were pretty easy for the most part - I made a very risky gamble against Jim in game two in an attempt to kill his Stalker, but I failed miserably and Doomshaper was dead in about 10 minutes of game play.  Not exactly my finest moment.  Oh well.  I noticed a heavy proclivity towards clumping up infantry in the Livingston players, which did them no favors when my Axers or Bomber appeared.  I really must reiterate my warning about Shield Wall - don't use it.  Or maybe I'd change it to "why are you bringing infantry?"

Oh yes, I came second.  Go me.

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