Monday, 24 January 2011


So... I haven't updated this blog in forever as World of Warcraft ate my life.  When I play a game, I HAVE to complete it.  MMORPGs by their very nature are not supposed to be completed, so it's much like crack to me.  I played for about 5 weeks with the new expansion and it's done wonders for WoW, and I certainly did enjoy playing it.  However, I enjoyed it a little too much, and found myself become very unreliable in both my personal life and at work, so it is now uninstalled in the hopes that it never against rears its vicious and addictive head.

All my plans for the Tartan Brawl remain intact (just), as I set most of those into action before I was living in Azeroth.  However, I still haven't had a chance to sort out the dog tags, which isn't so much a matter of time as a matter of money (I literally have none at this moment in time).  I heard today that the Boosted Damage crew won't be visiting, heading to the Irish Masters instead.  That really annoys me.  Who kept asking us to run a two day event in Scotland?  It's not like I've been working at it, noooooooo.  Unfortunately, there have been other cancellations too, so I'll get a quick tally of numbers in the next week or so, if the numbers drop below 20 I'll probably cancel it, hang up my hat and call it a day.

On the plus side, Jamie P asked me to attend the ETC as a referee, which would be awesome.  The UK Masters was great fun even when we weren't playing games, and I expect the ETC to be more of the same, potentially with more foreigners (like me!) to spice things up.  This, in turn, dovetails nicely into my plot to seize the Head Referee position for the UK Masters, though the temptation to play and once again take Top Troll (or a placed position) is strong.  I suspect my final decision on the matter will be based on money.

In other news, I passed my driving test!  First time too!  Woohoo!  More exclamation marks!!!  Now all I need is a job with regular pay, give me a shout if anyone has a spare one.

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  1. You can have mine, if you like; I hear it's going begging in a few weeks. You'd have to move to Gloucester, though... no, I didn't think so either.