Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Click and Drag

Having now had a few games with a slightly changed up battlegroup, I'm rather pleased with the extra options afforded by the Swamp Troll.  The pDoomshaper themed force suffers from not being able to reach out and seize the enemy (at least against Warmachine) but with the Swamp Troll this is alleviated.  Critical Consume isn't a bad bet either.  Unfortunately that means ditching the Pyre Troll and Earthborn for a Dire Troll Mauler and the Swamp Troll (and a Runebearer) which makes me a sad panda.  I do like my Pathfinder, warbeasts without it promotes a heavier reliance on Rush, so I'll need to keep the Axer alive if rough terrain abounds.

With this shift in battlegroup I've picked up my Mauler and got back to painting him.  He's been about 30% done for ages, now I've got him about half done and if I can keep up the current progress he should be done just  before the new year.  I had a crazy idea to give him very pale blue Maori style tattoo's much like this from CMON.  My big worry is that I won't get a similar finish and it'll be very rough, so I'm going to finish the Mauler in my current scheme and then puzzle over whether I want to attempt the tattoo's/paint.

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