Monday, 18 October 2010

A Very Articulate "Blergh"

I'm afraid I'm just too busy/tired to keep up with the Monday/Friday schedule.  Instead I'll go back to writing posts as I can since I don't play games as often as I should/could.

The Druid Overseer I'm painting for Jim is *finally* nearly finished, I just need to do the brown bits and he'll be all done.  Then I'm going to see if I can get some work done on my Krielstone Bearer & Friends unit since I never leave home without them.  40 minutes each day should get me a painted unit or two fairly quickly.  The Swamp Troll has also been built, and he's actually very large, occupying the vast majority of a medium base.  Swampy is still a very cool miniature and I'd like to test him out in actual gameplay.

Congratulations is in order for Jamie P as he won the Benelux Masters.  So... grats!  I'm actually really curious to see what lists Benjamin Fuzi (Retribution) brought, as it's rare that you see the Angry Elves place highly in tournaments - especially if they can't bring the usual Rahn list of their choice.  Personally I like Rahn and Kaelyssa, but I'd love to see what people have had actually work for them.

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