Monday, 13 September 2010

Shocking News

Some days I think I can feel Fate.  It's hard to describe, I'll get the random urge to buy a lottery ticket or something similar.  Saturday was one of those days.  I could sense the win hours before I arrived at Jim's house, though I did totally duff up not one, but two of my assassination runs on eGoreshade with my Dire Troll Zerg (DTM, EBDT, Mulg - one was a totally screwed activation order (no rush on Mulg) and the other was Mulg failing to blat Goreshade into paste).  I had to resort to spamming Primal Shock.  Still, I am now ahead of my normal quarterly victories over Jim.  From now on Jim's promised to bring lists made of raw brokenness, mined from Broken Mountain.

I found that Fennblades aren't such a terrible unit, as long as they don't flee or all die before contacting the enemy.  Much like every other unit in the game then.  Having three heavy warbeasts romping around the board certainly works wonders, I can even afford to lose one (or two as long as the last one standing is Mulg).  Having an Earthborn near an obstacle or obstruction and within the Krielstone's Protective Aura is fantastic.  It's like having a Devastator that can attack without opening itself up for heinous brutalising.  I'll have to run more experiments in a list filled with dire trolls.

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