Friday, 10 September 2010

Big Splash

I'm staring at the latest No Quarter magazine here in utter bewilderment at Bloody Barnabus.  How does something like this make it through the playtest phase?  Honestly, he's the bane of anyone who wants to take non-amphibious warjacks.  This isn't as much of an issue if you can prevent knock downs (hi there Covenant of Menoth) but otherwise your warjacks are going to spend a lot of time (if not all of it) being inactive.  Start swatting up on the rules for reactivating warjacks.

Everything else in the No Quarter is pretty awesome.  Being a Trollblood player I'm more than happy with the Trollkin Scouts (and their pig-stealing ways) - giving them Gang means they're pretty accurate melee infantry, and they already have Pathfinder so there's no pressure to take a Fell Caller with them.  The Fell Caller helps, but he's not the concrete necessity that he is in other lists.  I'm going to test them out in combination with the Swamp Gobbers.  I'm sure the other factions (besides Circle, it's not like anyone has the Reeves anyway...) are just as pleased with their shiny new toys.

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