Monday, 9 August 2010

It's Character Building

The Big News from GenCon (as if people reading this haven't already found the spoilers) is that all the Warmachine factions (except Mercenaries (WHY OH WHY?!)) are getting new character warjacks.  These come in the form of small blister packs you buy to add the parts onto an existing plastic kit.  Personally I think it's quite ingenious - the blisters take up less room on a rack and more heavy warjack kits get sold.

Triumph - Defender chasis - affinity with Siege
Scourge of Heresy - Vanquisher chasis - affinity with Reznik
Torch - Decimator chasis - affinity with Strakhov
Malice - Reaper chasis - unknown affinity
Discordia - Manticore chasis - affinity with Rahn

Other news is the big list of Skorne goodies that are arriving with their Forces book.  Also on the list are the Druid Wilder, Stone Keeper for Circle (or they would be if Circle players weren't total douches about consolidating their spoilers), and Captain Gunnbjorn for the Trollbloods.  I almost forgot about the Legion spoilers too.

As a Trollblood player I can see why some people would like Gunnbjorn, but he doesn't really wow me.  It's interesting that he brings Critical Devastation (a pretty damn amazing ability in its own right,) Snipe and Rock Wall but I'm more of a punch-in-the-face kinda guy.  Which is of course why I play the Old Man of the Trollbloods...  I'd be much more interested to see what the Trollkin Scouts bring to the table and what they can do for my army.

For those of you who share in my video game obsession, the Warmachine video game by White Moon Dreams finally has a website of its own.  Screenshots from the demo can be found on their forums.

Mentioned Spoilers from GenCon:
Cygnar - Captain Jonas Murdoch
Cygnar - Archduke Alain Runewood
Khador - Koldun Kapitan Valachev
Cryx - Revenant Crew Rifleman
Protectorate of Menoth - Flameguard Cleanser Officer
Cygnar - Storm Strider
Khador - Gun Carriage
Cryx - Wraith Engine

There's also this very helpful interview.

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