Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Rarefied Forum Troll

Job opening at Privateer Press! I'm totally going to apply for the mysterious "job-1". Honest.

Having tried out the 50 point list with eDoomshaper, I can say it stinks. Or well, my Fennblades seem determined to fail me in ways I never thought possible. I'd like to swap them out for 2 units of Runeshapers, but that would be ludicrously expensive in actual cash, so I'll just have to wait until I'm swimming in cash from the plumbing business. Oddly I think pDoomshaper may work out better for me. If the Swamp Troll has Submerge as an animus it's pDoomshaper all the way!

On the other hand, I've assembled all but one of the Nyss Hunters - the last one is missing an arm so I'm going to have to wait until a replacement arrives. My two blisters of Trollkin Mercs (the grunts from Boomhowler & Co) also failed to arrive. A bit perplexing really. Luckily I have a bajillion trollkin models that I can use as proxies meanwhile. Everyone loves the tarpit unit. Soon eMagnus, soon.

I'm not entirely sure if I should get Madelyn Corbeau or not. That extra 3" of movement would be extremely useful, as would being able to use Seduction to FINALLY getting some Backstab bonuses with Magnus or my bonded Mangler.

Whilst browsing the Mercenaries faction forum I noticed there is a proliferation of homebrewed weirdness going on. Having had a look through it briefly (it's some sort of voyeuristic curiosity I think, I KNOW it's going to be bad but I've got to have a peek anyway) I'm amazed at what people don't think is possibly broken. I also wonder what makes people post these things (says the guy with the blog...).

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