Wednesday, 12 August 2009


So today was a day that provided me with a great sense of achievement and relief. We turned on Jim's central heating system and none of my fittings exploded in showers of dirty (and possibly hot) water. In fact there were no leaks from our work - that we found, there is still time to get a call from Jim telling me that I've created the new Atlantis under his floor boards however. There was a minor incident with some old pipework we tried to keep but the old fittings were just craptastic and relics from a bygone era (*cough* MKi analogy *cough*).

Preparation for the upcoming 350 tournament continues. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a giant bag of cocktail sticks with flags on them to make the markers for Destruction (oh no, tournament spoiler alert!). I may even have time to scrutinise the Streamroller 4.0 scenario lists so that everything is covered. I played against Chris (one of the new players) the other night at G3 to give him a practice game for the tournament and he wiped the floor with poor pMagnus. pSorscha's feat disgusts me. Luckily I don't need to worry about it since Shake It Off will provide me with all the opportunity I need to curb-stomp her at a later date. All hail the power of MKii! I want my Trollbloods. =*(

Interesting Scenario Information
All models can contest zones. This includes Shifting Stones, Sentry Stones, Wracks, Scrap Thralls, plaster casts of my middle finger; as long as it's a valid model in your army you can contest a zone with it.
Ridge Raiders is a terrible scenario.
Cocktail sticks with flags on them are hard to find.

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