Sunday, 29 April 2018

No Tortoise, Just Hare

I was looking at my all-time most popular posts on this blog in its various incarnations, and I was somewhat surprised to see the old tactical advice I wrote a long time ago concerning things like threat range and board control for Warmahordes.  So I loaded up the old articles, and I'm still quite proud of how they were written.  I'm disappointed in myself for using actual people, especially to illustrate negative points.  Still, there was a lot of good information in those articles despite my person skew on a few things like netdecking.  Once the new edition hits, I'll have to rewrite the articles to keep them current.  I'll probably also write a few on specific factions while I'm at it.

Jason and I spent the better part of a day going through special cards in the next edition and tweaking a few other things while we were at it.  My favourite work of the evening was coming up with the Hare clan mechanics.  The Hare clan profiles - Kioshi, Iiju, and Atsushi - were very diverse, but we came up with a way to link them all, and it does so in a way that is highly complementary to the existing Prefecture identity.  Satou Kioshi may actually be my favourite profile at the moment.  The clan's surname also got fixed while we were at it.

I've ordered a fair number of Prefecture miniatures, so expect to see some reports on how they play in Risen Sun over the next few months.  My first warband test will probably be the Hare warband, and then I think I'll move onto the more traditional warbands for the Prefecture.  There's some interesting things I'd like to try out with Bikou too since she pulls in some tricks from the Kage Kaze Zoku, but those can wait.

Part 2 of the narrative is here: Blood of the Dragon.  I wasn't happy with the last page and a bit of this one, it felt a little awkward and I'd probably rework it if I had to.  But I don't!  So awkward it remains.  Okay, okay.  It irritated me enough that I rewrote the last page entirely.

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