Monday, 21 August 2017

Kyousou 3 - Out Pirating Some Pirates

Jim and I went down to Stockport over the weekend to play  in Kyousou 3, a Bushido tournament run by James Hasker.  Jim put together a rather unusual Cult warband the night before and I used the Jung Queen of the Waves theme warband I listed in an earlier post - though I was debating between a Shisai-triad Ito warband or my previous UK Masters Tengu Wind Watchers warband before settling on using my pirates.  That's a different faction for each tournament I've participated in.  Go me.

I was rather surprised at how well the warband did.  I was expecting to run into something that I simply wouldn't be able to cope with.  Fortunately for me, the warband just seemed to crush my opponents.

Mari Jung gaining Order (3/Kaizoku/6) and the change to Leadership are actually pretty massive changes.  She gives you incredible flexibility on how to operate your warband on any given turn.  In the one game where she died, there was a real noticeable deterioration in the performance of my warband.  It does pinpoint her as the weak link of the warband, so that's something to keep in mind for future reference.

Kyousou 3 itself was fairly small, there were a couple of drop-outs due to car trouble, but I got to play 3 games against people who were Not-Jim and were not using Cult.  Generally good conditions for me, and so far all the Bushido players I've met are really pleasant, even when losing.

My first game was against Jason Enos and his Temple.  It did not go well for him.  My warband only received a total of 4 damage, and that was because I was killing the two earth kami he was using.  When he did roll well, the Queen of the Waves reroll usually nerfed Jason's attacks into the ground.

My second game was against a Buto Herd run by George Lees.  He made some strategically suspect decisions with his ranged models on the Kamikaze turn, then I simply out-activated him until everything on his side of the board died.

The last game was a Jung vs Jung game against Chris Hales.  We were both running Queen of the Waves, which led to some interesting interactions between the different rerolls and place effects, but ultimately I think my choice of special cards countered a lot of his warband.  Chris had brought Temo, I brought a 1 rice Kamikaze.  In the end (after guessing the wrong model as Chris' VIM) a Kohanin stomped on Temo and that was that.

So a gold coin for me, and I am declared the most piraty of the pirate players (all two of us).  Huzzah.

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