Wednesday, 10 August 2016

All Aboard!

My Jung Pirates have arrived!  They are physically here, on my desk!  I've been building the miniatures and sorting out their bases.  Some of the miniatures I'm not able to remove the tab as the connection is too fragile, so I have to fix the miniature to the base and then build the base around their feet.  Luckily it's only for a few miniatures, but it's still something of a pain.

I was briefly glancing through some early combinations, and I think all tournament warbands for the Jung Pirates will include at least 1 rice for the Kamikaze card so that you can have a turn's reprieve from shooting.  Shooting has become a very common way to maximize killing power, so getting a turn without having your models smote is rather handy.  The other stand-out card that I can see is Blow the Man Down to move an enemy model and then make them prone.  It's not foolproof (they need to make a size test) but the possibilities for its use are nigh endless.  The other special cards are all pretty situational (asides from the Peg Leg, which 99.9% of people will include just for the extra rice).

There are a few fairly gimmicky strategies you can utilize straight away such as the Black Sails forward deployment warband - your opponent cannot use their Scout, Forward Deployment, or Flank, so you can bring your own models these traits to simply get to the objectives/zones first.  I'm going to test out a few possible combinations of the Queen of the Waves theme, as it's the craftier theme and there's still a playtest profile I need to provide feedback for.  I'm sorely tempted by the Ashinaga-tenaga at the moment too, but I can't really say why that is - I just like it I guess.  I also just realised that I did not add Lua or the Ashinaga-tenaga to the undercoating tray.  Ah well, there's plenty of other models to get done meanwhile.

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