Monday, 14 March 2016

UK Masters Announced!

Finally, the Bushido Grand Masters tournament has been announced for the UK Games Expo!  This year I'm heading down with a few more friends, and the Expo looks like it'll be a lot of fun - I assume the tournament will be fun too.  A little part of me is really hoping I can get hold of the Jung Pirates quickly enough to use them in the tournament, but it's not likely.  I'm going to decide between the White Mesa warband using Sojobo, Kanut, and Taliriktug, or the Wind Watchers warband that makes people ragequit.  Personally I like the ragequit Wind Watchers warband more, but it may depend on model releases before the tournament and my painting schedule.

In non-Bushido related news I've been on a crazy D&D bender and put some serious work into the campaign I'm running.  I was rather inspired by watching a few episodes of Critical Role, a D&D game run and played by voice actors.  It has ups, it has downs, there are emotional rollercoasters, and really, I wish my game was this good but I'd like to think my game will improve dramatically over the next few sessions (I only run it about once a month, so looking for instant results is difficult).

Enough of that non-Bushido pish though!  Tomorrow I'll try out the Wind Watchers warband against Mark Bonatti's Ito Clan.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how Wind Watchers performs versus poison, it's not a match up I've tried before.

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