Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Tengu Decension Have Landed

My Tengu Decension have arrived!  I have even finished assembling all the miniatures now, and they await sorting out their bases.  The wings are surprisingly sturdy on the whole, I only had to pin the wings on the Zephyr Guard and Zenkibo (since they use the same base body and wings).  All the other tengu have built-in pins so to speak and seem to be just fine with simple gluing.

Tarobo's miniature is amazing, though it does come in a bajillion pieces.

I'm quite pleased with their selection of special cards.  There's no obvious duds (hi there Shomyo to Orochi...) and nothing that screams overpowered.  I quite like the Spirit Trap event card, but you have to bring a shisai to get it; the only shisai available is Ryuhobo so the options are fairly limited right now.  Shepherds of White Mesa is a theme I really like with what's available, I'd probably move into the Wind Watchers theme once more tengu and some birds are released.

This week I think I'll be testing out a Shepherds of White Mesa theme:

Sojobo the Exile
Taliriktug (+Vial of Raijin's Breath)
Zephyr Guard
Kami of the Strong West Wind

Fujin's Breath

The idea is to stun something with Tarobo or Sanjakubo, then try to beat the crap out of it as quickly as possible.  I'm probably going to run into issues with factions like the Savage Wave, as I don't really see how I'm going to be killing multiple bakemono every turn with this warband without a healthy dose of luck.  I'd also be interested to see how fighting against Temple works out as my warband is no longer filled with Steady models.

Time will tell however, as the faction is still very young and once it has more profiles to choose from, I might find a more natural niche.

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