Sunday, 12 July 2015

Double Trouble, The Wiki Begins

The Jade Witch is amazing.  No really, especially when you bring her in the Blessed theme.  I was really surprised since whenever I used her in playtest, things did not work out all that well - the theme was also slightly better in playtest and I imposed my own restrictions on it (no samurai for instance) since I believed it was going to get nerfed into the ground.  Back to the Jade Witch however...  She reaps in Ki like no tomorrow if you can position right - and not get the other shisai killed - and threaten your opponent constantly.  The sheer amount of Ki I was getting was pretty unbelievable, there weren't many turns when she wasn't at maximum Ki.  I'm going to try her out in a few more games, and I'm curious at how the warband will handle bad match ups - like the Death and Decay theme from the Cult of Yurei.  Badly I suspect.

I'm also trying out new things with the Shimogamo Vipers, being much more conservative with them and trying to play for later game rather than trying to win by turn 4.  Rather than trying to declare melee actions all the time, I may as well do the odd disengage just to keep them alive and keep them harassing my opponent.  That and I don't need to use Dark Secrets on turn 1, that's just a luxury.  Unfortunately I'm a now person, not a later person, so like the scorpion crossing the river I'm having to fight against my nature to make it happen.

This week's Tengu Decension reveal is Ryuhobo, one of the Koroko (owl) tengu.  He's a very nifty support model, but quite defensive in how you use him.  If I were to list similar support models, I'd say he's like a mix of Shuichi/Old Zo?  He's nice to have in most warbands but I think he'll fall by the wayside for most people since he's not an aggressive or particularly proactive profile.  I quite like him with any of the big hitters of the faction, Ryohobo keeps them up and running.

Oh yes, I started to create the Jumo Ring wikia.  It's still a big work-in-progress but I hope to create something that other people will maintain on their own until I destroy it in a fit of pique!  MWAHAHAHAHAHA!  Or you know, it ends up running itself.  The plan is to keep adding the bare-bones of a few profiles each day until there's an entry for everything, and then start filling in the gaps with more solid tactics and techniques.

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