Sunday, 11 January 2015

Slow Day

Woohoo, news from GCT!

It's not very good news, but it does let us know production of models will continue.

Also, with the delay, Gordon (the G in GCT I believe) has put up the Shimogama Vipers profile in the Ito Clan forums.  BEHOLD!

They're so sexy in my warbands.  No support model is safe.  MWAHAHAHA.  I could go on and on about how the vipers function in my lists, but it tends to be something like: pick a support, swoop in, kill them with poison.

Unfortunately I've not been playing any wargames recently, being in a board gaming mood and trying to design a D&D campaign that has a coherent story *and* setting, but Adam Davies has started to play Bushido, picking up the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate and Savage Wave - he tends to go into the deep end, so I'm pretty sure he's got everything for both factions at the moment.  It'll be good to have a Silvermoon player who's a bit more ruthless and focused so we can see all the broken that comes out.

A number of threads are opening up on the forums discussing different warbands within a faction.  The Temple lists I find quite interesting, and the Ito Clan forums have always had a number of different warband discussions goings, this time it seems to be focused on warbands with only 6 models (I just don't get it).  What I do like about the game is the sheer number of different warbands there seem to be out there.  There are usually some staple figures in every faction (Tra-peng for example) but the rest of the models seem to shift around quite drastically.

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