Friday, 11 October 2013

Upon the Temple Steps

Temple of Ro-kan: Suchiro
Hmm, been a lot longer than I thought since my last update.  The Bushido community is starting to grow now, and we have a lot of interest from members of the gaming club whenever I bring in my swamp board (still WIP I'm afraid, also a bit of a failure in game board design - slopes are bad!).  I'm doing demo games over the next few weeks to rope more people into the game.  There's also a Bushido Scotland Facebook group for anyone interested in joining.

On the painting front, I picked up Suchiro to start off my Temple force - The plan is to collect a model or two a month for Temple until I have the full selection and paint them up slowly so I can really bring out the best of the models.  As you can see, my Suchiro came out pretty well, there are some errors you can see in the photo (particularly the 'bleed' from the wash I applied to his belt) but those have been fixed.  I also can't figure out how to get his eyes to look like they're open without painting his actual eyes in - though it looks like he's focusing Ki with his closed eyes, so I'm happy to leave it.  The rock was a bit OTT and might be something I'll sort out at a later date.

The Ito Clan models are almost all done, I finished Ayako since I prefer playing the more active shisai style lists over the raw brute force the samurai and ashigaru lists bring.  I decided that the Ito Clan are fun, but a little lacking in the tricks that allow you to pull off those amazing wins at the last second.  That may change with the next couple of releases (one hopes) but I really enjoyed painting Suchiro, I'd like to do more models like him rather than Masunagi and his bajillion quilted squares, so the Temple of Ro-kan may be my painting project for the foreseeable future.

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