Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bushido Rulebook and a Hebi Samurai

 Ito Kenzo is now done, huzzah!  I will update this post with pictures once there's some natural daylight once again.  Also, Ayako and Kazuhiko arrived in the mail, along with my copy of the rulebook, and my Bushido KR multicase!  So a pretty good day for Bushido-related goodness.

Quite happy with the way Kenzo turned out, but I can't help thinking I should have tried a more ambitious colour scheme for my Ito Clan, rather than the standard green - if you've seen the Sunshine Kriel, then you know I like my alternative colour schemes.  Maybe I'll go crazy and sell my Ito Clan stuff one day just to repaint it all in a different colour (and correct horrible mistakes like Chiyo's face and Itsunagi's skin).  Meanwhile, I'm just happy that my force is getting more and more painted.  Kenzo is the main reason I picked up the Ito Clan, so having him painted makes me feel a lot better about my faction choice.  Originally his armour was going to be black, with green shoulder guards, but it looked weird so I just made it all green, and I feel Kenzo came out the better for it.

Great, I can see the mistakes, I'll have to go back and fix them or go crazy.

So I now have all the models for my first 50 rice list, which is filled with Blood of Orochi models, it's just a matter of getting them all assembled and painted.  Next on the painting table is the humble Temple Bushi, since he's in every single one of the lists I can come up with.  Once the Temple Bushi is done, Sakura will be the only model in the starter box not painted.  Neither of the two models look particularly difficult to paint, so I expect I'll plough through them in the next week.  I may even find time to do Naoko since she's a ridiculously easy model to paint.

As for the rulebook, it's pretty neat.  It's fairly thin at 128 pages, a good majority of that is background material, which is interesting.  It looks like there will be 10 factions, if the major powers list is anything to go by.  The five that aren't out yet look to be: Minimoto Clan (bear themed samurai with Tetsubo clubs), Tengu and their Hill Warrior human followers, the Silvermoon Syndicate (yakuza), Shiho Clan (eagle themed samurai and raiders?), and Jung Pirates.

There's a handy reference sheet in the back of the book, and a page with token icons printed on it, but I'm not too keen to stick my new rulebook into a photocopier and damage the spine.  Give us a PDF to print out!  There's more scenarios too, though a quite of few of them are the same scenario only with objective removal conditions.  Given that games only last 6 turns normally, the limited number of scenarios for now is to be expected.  There's also a nice section going over the general strengths and weaknesses of each faction, quite handy for newcomers to the game.

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