Monday, 24 December 2012

Back on the Wagon

Well, it's the start of a new year (almost) so I thought I'd get back into the gaming.  After the last UK Masters and the release of the huge based warjacks and warbeasts I really had no motivation to play; playing without the full range of models just seemed... dull.  Also I'm not a huge fan of the colossals and gargantuans.  Yes, they look good, but I feel they represent a very real economic barrier for players.

Built by Orks!
Since I'm currently suffering very badly from some sort of apocalyptic plague, I can't sleep due to my incessant coughing.  As I can't sleep, I've been doing a bit of painting to help pass the time and the Mercenaries are starting to look more and more painted, much to my satisfaction.  I've decided on the Mercenaries over the Trollbloods mainly due to how I view the two factions:  the Trollbloods are a reactive force - they wait for you to punch them in the face and then bearmaul you.  The Mercenaries are tricky, but are proactive.  I can dictate the way I want the game to go in a more controlled fashion.

With the Galleon out next month, I thought I'd get as much of my army painted as possible, and pick up any units I'm missing - such as Kayazy for my Four Star Syndicate lists, and Forge Guard for my Highborn Covenant.  I'm not a fan of painting units, but I may as well get on with it, it's not like the progress regresses if I stop for a while.

I'm going to have to test out the Galleon with a few different casters over the next couple of months, but I was thinking Constance, pMagnus, and MacBain(!!!) as my trio of choice for now.  Of course, I'll just have to try out everyone and see.  I'm pretty spoiled for choice however, as everyone likes the Galleon in Mercenaries.

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