Wednesday, 16 May 2012

UK Masters: Paired Off

The first round pairings are up on the Warhammer Forums for perusal by all and sundry.  Pete made a handy table and then turned it into a graphic (you can't see me gritting my teeth at this, but trust me, I'm totally gritting my teeth).  So in time honored fashion, I am re-posting the very same image.  Go me.

I'm up against Jay Taylor, who I believe was playing Cygnar last year.  I did some sneaky research on RHQ but it doesn't really tell me much.  I'm quite happy to be playing against Khador though, so it's all happiness and sunshine for me.  Not so for Riki, who is probably going to end up playing against Barnabus and unshootable horde.  Or Alasdair who is playing against Cryx (AHHHH, sweet, sweet justice).

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