Monday, 14 June 2010

REAL Men Bring Kegs

Isn't it a glorious sight to behold?  I feel that the cover has a distinct lack of Mulg.  Everyone knows all Trollblood problems can be solved by applying more Mulg.

Two items of interest on the cover: trollkin with mini-sluggers (same gun as Maxwell Finn) and the Pyg Bushwhacker with the Davy Crocket hat (possible solo/UA).  Apparently one of the normal Bushwhackers has that hat.

While there is no Mulg present on the cover, there are everyone's favourite solos, the Whelps.  People just don't understand the amount of rage the Whelps produce in my opponents and I am delighted to see the little critters made it into the cover art.

I wish I'd held off my Press Ganger order now though, I just spent a fortune (of PG points) on the stupendously expensive Runeshapers to add more ranged options.  Now I may have the option of a unit of RNG 10, d3 shots (EACH!), POW 11 guns.  Motherf-

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