Friday, 6 August 2010

From the Sidelines

While the Summer League has prompted more Warmachine and Hordes games at the club, it has also made people more competitive.  The term "side-coaching" has entered the vocabulary - and I am soaked in guiltiness at committing this new verb.  It comes about when the guilty party (usually Jim or myself) walk up to a table and blatantly state a technique to win the game in the current turn.  This was acceptable before the Summer League as it promoted better game play: when we wandered over and there was no such statement, you became the wargaming version of the Made Man.  Now however, any form of side-coaching, even meaningful stares at potential assassination runs is worth deeming interference.  This has led to two league games being nullified, though all parties concerned are quite happy to schedule a rematch, and it also means an end of one of my guilty pleasures.

Intrepidations is hosting a 25 point tournament on August 29th, run by yours truly.  Luckily I've just forked out a ton of cash for metal rings to mark circular control zones (see how expensive the life of a Press Ganger is?!) and a giant box that jangles arrived at my flat this morning.  The store is in Perth, and the website has a map to the location if people are interested.  Obviously, it will be awesometastic.

A reminder that Kingdom of Adventure has a tournament tomorrow.  At the time of this writing I have no idea if I'm going to go as the bank saw fit to levy me with multiple charges for seemingly mystery items.  A trip to the bank is due in short order.

GenCon Indy (I believe it's Indy anyway) is under way this weekend (possible "now" when the automated schedule posts this) so I expect a fair amount of spoilers and news to post on Monday.

Interesting tidbits from the internet:
Jabba the SkorneRasheth spoilers from the Skorne forum
White Moon Dreams trivia contest (now closed unfortunately but some of those questions are hard, feel free to post what you think the answers are) - actually the winners will be announced by the time this is posted. Woot, I came third.
An enlightening post on the state of Menite afterlife by Doug Seacat
A new competition from Privateer Press!  Warmachine: Wrath lists the next wave of warcasters and their description if you take the time to translate the runes: Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet; Thyra, Flame of Sorrow; Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf; Lord Exhumator Scaverous; Lord Arcanist Ossyan; and Captain Damiano.

Interesting note I came across: warjacks with a crippled cortex cannot spend focus.  At all.  If your Deathjack loses its cortex, it still gains 2 focus from the Skulls of Hate, it just can't spend the focus (until it eats someone and recovers the crippled system.)

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  1. Side-Coaching is a fairly old term dude ^^

    And would you want your victory sullied by the implication that it was not in fact your own brilliance that won the day :) ?

    Years ago, Tournament Card players would consider it as grave a sin as sin could be